Drained at the starting line

I took a vacation to relax, but failed.

As those who follow me might have noticed, I quit my job to build 12 startups in 12 months. I promised to be open about the process.

The transparency part is now biting my ass, as I have to start the show with embarrassing news 😅 But I won't budge from that commitment, so here it is!

My last official day at work was the first of this October. The plan was to have started on the challenge right now.

Unfortunately, I am still feeling burnt out, not able to manage a full workday.

A mini work-abstinence challenge

In the previous month, I used my remaining vacation from work and enjoyed southern Spain.

I did a lots of recreation and relaxation, from Netflix to beer and smoking, but it might not be like the doctor would have ordered.

My greatest mistake was probably sneaking work in whenever I had some energy to spare. Yes, like a true workaholic.

My only viable solution for the coming week will be to "detox". So I will not do any work the coming week. Maybe even two weeks.

I will meet up for a couple informal meetings and talk about startuping as they are social by nature. But that's all.

The challenge is still on

I am still dedicated to #12Startups12Months, but I need to practice extreme patience and abstinence for the coming week or two to fully recover.

Some might read this (like previous employers) and think they are at fault for my predicament, so I want to be clear about it being my own fault.

A mini-update on my first startup, MainQuest

I at least got some work done during my workaholic vacation!

I have finished lots of the hard stuff, and my first app is not too far from an MVP, so excited about that 🙂

See you on the other side, folks. I'm logging out to take long walks, eat healthier, play video games, watch Netflix and maybe have a couple of beers with friends. Wish me luck!

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