1. Part 4: Making http requests from Elm to IHP

    Communication between Elm and IHP through HTTP JSON requests.

  2. Part 3: Structure Elm into a multi-widget app for IHP

    Making the widget-equivalent of Richard Feldmans's RealWorld SPA.

  3. Part 2: Initialize data from IHP to Elm through flags

    Generate types, encoders and decoders for Elm automatically in IHP.

  4. IHP with Elm

    Make widgets for your IHP/Haskell app with Elm.

  5. Part 1: How to setup IHP with Elm

    Get Elm with hot reloading on top of IHP, the new framework that makes Haskell a cool kid in web dev.

  6. How to use Elm in a React app (with Parcel)

    Try Elm in production without rewriting your whole app.

  7. How to type-check data from an external source

    Be able to trust the data you fetch. Slaying a UI antipattern with TypeScript and React (part 3).

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